The aim of this site is to raise awareness of handicapped people and matters they have to deal with so that the rest of us would have a right attitude towards those who are different. It is said that the handicapped will manage if the community will manage. We can ask ourselves what is our attitude towards the handicapped and those who are different from us.

What happens to the handicapped who have a vocational training? Do they have the possibilities to function in the community? One way to deal with everyday things is to have a personal assistant. That would guarantee the handicapped equality, safety and the opportunity to take part in things. Many disabled people also have communication problems and thus are often misunderstood. That is why having a personal assistant is essential to the disabled people. Even though a person cannot be efficient in his job doesn't that person have the right to be an equal member of our society?

Taking part means being able to influence and experience things. This enables the handicapped person to socialise and to create his own social network. Preventative work and support are important things for every individual. They help prevent isolation, depression and other related propblems.

The events introduced on this site have helped the handicapped to find their emotional and physical resources through which they can experience the feeling of success and being part of society. New experiences and opportunities help the handicapped to find themselves and become more aware of the opportunities and rights they have in society.

Working with people with disabilities is not a nine to five job.

Jouni Qveflander